Compile and install xcoral from sources files:

    Basically the following commands builds and install xcoral

    The executable file will be installed in the standard directory /usr/local/bin and Smac files in /usr/local/lib/xcoral. The configure script allows you to customize the configuration for your site; for details on how you can do this, type "./configure --help". The default installation directory is "/usr/local". If you want to specify another directory we suggest you to use "--prefix" option.
    So if you don't have access to root privileges, type "./configure --prefix=$HOME" then xcoral executable file will be installed in $HOME/bin and SmacLib files in $HOME/lib/xcoral.

    Install xcoral from the rpm package:


If you have a keyboard with accentued chars, use the LANG environment variable (ie. fr_FR). Xcoral uses setlocale function which looks at LANG variable. Problems appear with UTF-8 code, so good luck.
We also suggest to use 'focus under the mouse' as Focus Policy.

Happy hacking.