Xcoral is a multiwindow mouse-based text editor for Unix and X Window System. Syntax highlighting and auto-indentation are available. A built-in browser enables you to navigate through C functions, C++ and Java classes, methods and files. A SMall Ansi C Interpreter (Smac) is also built-in to dynamically extend the editor's possibilities (user functions, key bindings, modes etc). Xcoral provides regions and marks, kill-buffers, macros system and unlimited undo.

Xcoral 3.47 is the latest release (April 2008). It is developped and tested, first on Linux system with GNU gcc compiler. Xcoral has been written on the top of Xlib and may be compiled on other Unix systems (*BSD, Solaris,Hpux, Aix, MacOS X etc...). It is distributed on the Internet under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.